Cybercorps®: SFS Scholarship

Be one of the select few undergraduates actively involved in cutting-edge security research working on real-life projects. Play a part in the way people think about privacy, the intricacies of social interactions, and the security of society or design secure supervisory and control systems.

SFS scholars are part of one of the most exclusive clubs at K-State. Through their scholarships, they form life-long friendships with their peers, foster active connections with state and federal agencies, and become a part of a network of over 2600 SFS graduates, from over 70 institutions, who chose to serve their country by doing what they love.

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Research Opportunities

  • Safety and security of autonomous vehicles and intelligent transportation systems

  • Lightweight authentication and secret key establishment protocols for Internet of things and cyber-physical systems

  • Security of Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) Systems

  • Artificial intelligence safety and security (Trustworthy AI)

Internship Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Information Security Analysts - $113,270

Computer System Analysts - $102,210

Database Administration and Architects - $98,860

Computer Programmers - $96,650

Network and Computer System Administrators - $91,250

Computer Network Support Specialists - $71,350

Stories from SFS Alumni

Curious about the program and want to hear from SFS alumni? Here are some stories on how the SFS program helped our alumni while they were in the program and the benefits they found with the program.

Salary data as of May 2021 was provided by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.