Collaborative development and a trial offering of a master's level degree program in Homeland Security was done in collaboration with Ft. Leavenworth. Part of this work involved teaching courses on cybersecurity and information assurance for the Command and General Staff College at Ft. Leavenworth (the training center for the army). We worked with the U.S. Army Computer Network Operations - Electronic Warfare Proponent to organize the Information and Cyberspace Symposium in September, 2008. Five faculty members from KSU made presentations and/or participated in panel sessions on setting the stage for cyber-electronic warfare for the next 10 years. Our next step is to define new cyber-electronic research programs that will help the Army move forward in this area.

Working with area high schools and community and technical colleges, the Department of Computer Science has been developing and deploying a Computational Core curriculum as a set of programming courses designed to provide students of any major with the skills needed to apply computer science to almost any field. The courses are conveniently packaged as self-paced online modules while retaining personal interaction with teaching faculty and teaching assistants. The department is developing and integrating cybersecurity modules into the Computational Core to align with upcoming State of Kansas requirements for K-12 education.